There are certain terms common among Christians that gets me feeling uncomfortable whenever I hear them. Hey, not like I am not a Christian and I have not used some of these terms or jargons before (I still use some of them), but I just don’t like the sound of it. I will highlight a few of them and at the end; voltrons (if there are any) can finish me off with their “blazing sword”.


Child of God? Born again? Born again child of God? Please decide which it is. Stop confusing me please. Are you born again? Yes or no? Which wan be born again child of God?


This one just pisses me off. Sister in the lord? Oh yeah? If she’s born again, she is a Christian sister and is a ‘sister in the lord?’ really? What if she’s not a Christian? She’s what? A sister in the world I guess. How about we grow the family tree in the lord. We have the grandfather in the lord, grandmother in the lord, father/mother in the lord, uncle/aunty in the lord, cousin in the lord, nephew/niece in the lord and so on and so forth. We now have a complete family in the lord, don’t we?


Okay, you met this guy/girl, led him/her to Christ and he/she becomes your spiritual daughter/son. Now I understand that, because at the beginning of that person’s Christian life, he/she needs someone to look up to as he/she grows. What I don’t get is when some of us Christians look at having spiritual sons/daughters like a competition or a contest with earthly glory. I have heard some Christians say stuff like: ‘I have so, so and so number of spiritual/sons’, ‘do you know how many spiritual sons I have raised?’ it is a good thing I must confess but for me when it becomes something that is used to boast, then I have a problem with it.


Of all the above mentioned Christian jargons, this pisses me off the most. A friend was asking about a brother in fellowship. She had asked me a number of questions from where he lives, to his department in school, how dedicated he was in the fellowship, etc. I thought the interrogation was over and I had done a good job when I was asked; ‘what about his spiritual life?’ confused, I had to ask ‘how do you mean?’ she said; ‘like the level of his spiritual life?’ at that point, I quickly imagined myself in the lab(the laboratory of spiritual affairs), wearing a white lab coat and my goggles, using a ‘SPIRITUAMETER’ to measure the level of a Christian’s spiritual life. How was I supposed to know that? Jeez!!!!!!!!!!! Do I even know mine? Why would I be bothered about that of someone else? Isn’t the Christian race a personal thing? When did I become a referee? We might as well just design and build a scale for measuring one’s daily spiritual life level. Abi now?


I used to have a friend then in school, Very hard working and interesting guy. We would see, gist, laugh and read together. One day my guy tells me he has given his life to Christ (I was very happy about it) but then he changed totally. He would see me in the morning and when I say: ‘guy how far now?’ his response would be: ‘bless God, how is Jesus in you?’ okay at first I laughed it off and said to him: ‘Jesus is fine’, but then it became worse and boring. We could not have an intelligent discussion anymore. I would try to gist with my guy about football and he would totally switch off. I tried and tried but he would always tell me it wasn’t edifying. Well. He didn’t know but I started avoiding him. I understand the ‘bless you’. ‘It is well’ and all the rest but come on, can’t we leave that atmosphere sometimes and come back to earth? Can we live life?

I think there are more Christian jargons that are/were in vogue that may have escaped me, but I would like to stop here. I really do not think Christianity is about all the jargons we use to relate with fellow Christians but the life we live. If I call you my brother in the lord, and you don’t treat me like one, then how are we family members ‘in the lord?’ what say you?