“if you receive this message, you should know that God loves you and has a plan to speedily surprise you today. God sees and knows your pain and wants to take it away. He will never let you down. This message is a special prayer chain and should not be broken. If you believe this message and in God,send this to seven people. If you do not, the blessing flow will stop and you are also stopping the chain of blessings coming your way……………………………..” Am i the only one who is sick and tired of this blackmail? like seriously? if i do not send the message to seven people, God won’t bless me? really? where is the backing of such in the word of God? you even see stuff like “if you love God and your friends bla bla bla….” i got one that said “if you love the devil, close this message and do not send to people”.*mmmsssccchhew* rubbish!!!!!!. some come with deadlines like “send this now and watch God bless you in 7 days”. duuh!!, hello!, i am blessed. i do not need to do that to get God’s blessings.ppppplllleeease. ok, i won’t deny that i have fallen for a couple but with time i have come to understand that it is some form of blackmail that hold no water at all. After sending some in the past, i am still waiting for the 7 day miracle to happen. abegi jor, make person hear word.

if you are in the habit of sending and believing it, fine by you.i do not believe and would not send it to people.well, you can send a link of this article to 7 people and watch your life change for good in 7 days too.hahahahahahaha. catch you guys later.