what is love?

is it a feeling that you feel for someone when you feel something for someone? Is it a special feeling shared exclusively between two people? Is it just about sex? Is it a switch that is put on when the ‘feeling’ is felt within? Is it only shared between opposite sexes, such that if i tell someone of the same sex “i love you”, i am seen as gay? Is it a feeling that is exclusively shared with one person per time or period?

What is this thing called love?

If love is a switch that i put on when i feel that ‘feeling’ that i felt for that person that i felt it for, then without the feeling, am i in hatred?

Do i need that feeling to say i feel loved or love?

Is love wicked?

does love suck?

can i love more than one person at a time?

Is love the reason for heartbreaks and disappointments in relationships?

Is love to blame for everything that goes wrong with that ‘feeling?’

What is this thing called love?

Is it good or evil?

Does my perception of love mean that that is what it is?

Do i really know what love is

Or am i misunderstanding it entirely?

What is this thing called love?

And who can teach me what it is?


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