another response guys, i am in trouble.hahahaha.

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Just like Tony Pox and most people I wanna get married some day. Yes some day but then I don’t mind meeting you now Dear Future Husband. We have a lot to do before marriage and I don’t want to date half the population before you find me. I will assume that you said something’s through @tonypox. So here is my (@sunkit1) response. Dear bachelor’s take note because e fit be you oo

A response to Tony Pox’s  ‘Dear Future Wife’

  • I do hope I find the way to your special heart with careful observation and feminine power.


  • I know you love your meal as a typical African man so I’ll make them for you seeing that I also love to cook. But Dear Future Husband, under no circumstance shall you refuse any meal I cook for you no matter what. Tell me not to cook if you…

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