Sleeping is an important part of every human’s life. It is an opportunity to rest our heads after going through a very long and stressful day. Even the creator, for those who believe in God, used it as a tool to get Adam to relax so that Eve could be created. While I think it very necessary for us to sleep, there are certain activities we engage in while asleep that either makes me laugh or scare the hell out of me. I want to dedicate this post to those activities. Join me on this ride and let’s have fun together. Everyone belongs to at least one group.  Do not even pretend, you fall into one or more groups.

1)      SLEEPING CHAMPIONS        

These people are special humans. They sleep for a living. They maximize sleep to the fullest. I call them sleeping champions. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, they will sleep comfortably. If we had a “sleep Olympics”, these guys would create records and smash them with ease. Even in the midst great turbulence, they would sleep peacefully. Sometimes, I am tempted to believe that if an earthquake should happen while they are asleep, they won’t move. They can even sleep in water comfortably. Alarm clocks do not wake them up. They wake when they want and feel like.     


I have this friend who has the habit of telling stories once he falls asleep. Some very weird and disjointed tales. The first time it happened, I was scared. I didn’t understand what was happening. I thought maybe “the spirit” wanted to reveal deep stuff to me. Well, now I know better. I still wonder why people do that though. Why would you talk randomly while asleep? *sheesh!!!


As a kid, I would wake my sister up and tell her to go to the toilet to urinate so she doesn’t bed-wet. If I do not take her to the toilet myself, ensure she urinates and goes back to the bed, she might end up somewhere else.She could walk into the kitchen,lay on the floor an sleep off. That is a small case. For some, it is worse. You wake them up and they will probably walk to the bus stop, take a bus and travel…..and they are sleeping. They have no idea what they are doing or what is going on. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!!! Good God!!!!!!!! It must be a spiritual manifestation.


Why do I feel that those who engage in this activity are those who believe that farting in public is wrong? So they fall asleep and begin to fart uncontrollably, thinking they are farting in dream land. Isn’t this just pure wickedness? Why do I have to endure your smelly and disgusting fart when I should be asleep? If you are one of those who believe that eating in the dream is not spiritually right, then farting in the dream is another high level evil spiritual manifestation. You need deliverance to drive out that evil spirit, FAST.

5)      SNORING

We are all familiar with this activity. I have heard a lot as reasons for snoring. I do not want to go into that, but I wonder if it has a cure. For some, they snore when they are extremely tired or they placed their heads wrongly on the pillow. For others, they begin to snore once their eyes close. It starts quietly and gradually rises and rises, until it gets to the point when it begins to sound like a broken exhaust pipe. For the guys that snore, I wonder how their wives cope or future wives would cope with it. Kai! For the women that snore, I don’t know what to say. I just give up.


My brother does this and it still scares me. He is asleep but his eyes are partially closed. People like this make me feel that I am being watched by them, like they are watching my every move. So I dare not mess up when these guys sleep around me. Damn!!!!! Evil!!!!!!


This is where I belong. As a young man, I used to worry about sleeping with my wife on the same bed. Will I wound her? Will she wake up on the floor because I have kicked her off the bed? Will she wake up with bruises? etc.  I believe the reason behind this activity is that we are warriors and are faced with a lot of enemies in dreamland, so we engage in fierce battles. The manifestation is what use see on the bed. We sometimes go for special trainings with our master at the shaolin temple. If you are out there and you notice this in your friends or family members, do not be afraid. You now know why.


This is my own summary. Which of these groups do you belong to?  Confess now and let the devil be ashamed.