There are certain words or phrases common to us as Nigerians. We have heard them a lot. We still hear them and we have become so used them that they have lost their original meanings. They now have what I call their “Nigerian meanings”, as defined by me. Here are a few. Enjoy;

(a)   COMMITTEE:  A group of people set up by the head of the government, who will spend government funds to look into a matter, after which their recommendations will then be sent to another group and then to another until the matter sometimes dies a natural expected death.


(b)   POLITICAL DETRACTORS:  These are people regarded by the party in power as enemies of progress. They are always looking for faults and loopholes in the ruling party. In fact, the ruling party blames them for any evil occurrence.



(c)    BROUGHT TO BOOK: This is a regular statement used to end speeches whenever something bad happens. It may stylishly mean: “we know something wrong happened. We may know those responsible, but we may not be able to do much”.


(d)   CONDEMN: I heard this word a lot last year. I really hope I do not hear so much of it this year. For me it means: “yes, we are aware what happened is bad. That is all”


(e)   CABAL: A group of untouchable, influential and powerful guys that determine what happens in the country. Unfortunately, they are more powerful than the government. Touch them not.



(f)     ACTIVISTS: One who speaks against the ruling party at every given opportunity because they have been kicked out of power. They also seek every opportunity to get back into power using activism as a platform.


(g)   OPPOSITION PARTY: A group of people whose main duty is to criticize the ruling party. Even if it means criticizing without well thought out facts, they just criticize. Do they offer solutions to problems? Or are they any different from the ruling party? I don’t know. They just oppose.

(h)   MEGAWATTS: A measurement of power that we achieve, fail to achieve or hope to achieve.


(i)     RULING PARTY: The party at the helm of affairs. They decide to do things their way. They consider critics as mouth pieces of their enemies, the opposition. They will also do anything to remain in power.

Okay, you may not agree with every word here, but if you have any other words with special Nigerian meanings, let’s hear it.

I am @tonypox.