Hi everyone, by way of introduction, my name is Pox, Tonypox *inserts James Bond Signature tune*. This is the many adventures of Tonypox, where I will hope to post details of my many adventures in Lagos/life.

Is this a good idea? To me, I think so. Will I be able to keep up? I hope so. Starting out is the first step I guess. This maiden edition is an experience I had in one of the “porsh” hotels in Lagos.

I happened to be a part of a team planning a conference and at some point; we had to be lodged at the hotel where the event was to take place. (No I won’t tell you the name of the hotel). So I arrived at the hotel feeling cool with myself, thinking about the bed, the complimentary breakfast and the fact that I will be far away from the noise from my neighbor’s generators for a few nights. I do not form. I try as much as possible to be myself regardless of where I am and who I am with. So when I do not know about something, I am never ashamed to ask. After all, “pesin wey dey ask question no fit miss road” (until you ask some people for Lagos). 

I was born with a spoon, I am grateful for that even though the spoon was not silver. And many times I misplaced the spoon and later found it *Inserts Waconzy’s hit track*

You see, my own little experience with hotels is to get to the reception, collect my room key, which is usually a metal key and that is the end. Well, this was different. I was given a card. A card? That was my key? Okay, no problem. Luckily for me, I was told that for the elevator to move, I had to move my card in front of a sensor in the elevator. The yardist in me screamed out “Chei!!! Oyibo! Techinology” I got to the door, moved the card in front of another sensor and the door opened. Wawu!!!   I unpacked my bags and started sorting out stuff as I had little time before running out to get certain things done.

I needed to charge my phone and other devices, so I plugged my devices but they were not charging. Ahn ahn?! What is going on now? I tried the light switches, no light! Hian!!!! Tried every switch I could find in the room, nothing was working. Time was running out. I was running out of patience. What was I not doing right? What was I missing? I was trying to think. I went round the room looking for a switch I hadn’t turned on. I found nothing. I gave up. In my mind, the hotel authorities gave me a room without power supply. What nonsense? What manner of irresponsible behavior? I was going to go down stairs and give them a piece of my mind and speak the little English grammar I could muster.

As I was putting on my top to storm the reception, my roommate steps in.

“Tonero how far now?”

“I dey jare. I been wan go downstairs sef go meet the people for reception”

“Wetin happen?”

“The sockets and lights no dey work na. Which kind nansense be that? Why dem go give us room wey light no dey?’

“Haba Tony? Just slot the card inside the jacket by the door na”

“Which jacket?”

“The one by the door, try it”

Brethren of the most High God, behold, immediately I did as he said, all the lights came on. Imagine for a second if I had gone downstairs to the reception and acted out the drama I had planned? Heeeeey!!! God!!! I serve a living God, he sent my roommate right on time to prevent me from shaming my entire village. No, just imagine the look on my face when i slotted the card and lights came on. Yes, you can all laugh at me. I don’t care.

Anyway, I have learned. It won’t happen again.