So Tecno celebrated 10 years in the phone making business by launching two new flagship devices, the Phantom 6 and the Phantom 6+. They named the Phantom 6, Beauty and the Phantom 6+, Beast.

I was opportune to have the Phantom 6 and here i will be telling you about my experience with this beauty.


This part really interests me as I always look forward to knowing what other accessories come with the device in the box. First impression when i saw the box was that it was big and i wondered what the contents were. There are two boxes in one, the smallest called a gift box which contains:

  • A phone pouch
  • Tempered glass (screen protection)
  • Head phones and
  • USB adaptor

I feel the tempered glass and adaptor were well thought out as the glass serves as protection for your screen (especially for someone like me who doesn’t really like the pouch) and the adaptor comes in handy when you find yourself without your charger, since it comes with USB type c.

The second box contains the Phone itself, the charging plugs and the USB chord.

You can watch my unboxing video here


At 6.15mm, it is one of the slimmest dual back camera phones, add the full metal body, 5.5″ screen, Full HD Amoled Display, Corning gorilla glass 3, Moulded steel framework, which makes it easy to hold, doesn’t slip easily from your hands and is lightweight. You will agree that this phone deserves the name “Beauty” when you lay your hands on it. It possesses a dual back camera of 13MP and 5 MP respectively. While at the front you have an 8MP camera. You also have the volume control and power buttons on the right and the dual sim card tray and memory card tray to the left. The head phone jack at the top and at the bottom are the speakers and USB type C charging port. The full HD Amoled display is beautiful and perfect for watching videos and movies. Game lovers will also appreciate the display as well.


The Phantom 6 runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and Tecno’s HiOs system software, has a 2.0 GHZ Octa-core processor, 3GB RAM which makes gaming really smooth. I enjoyed playing Sky force reloaded and Brothers in Arms as the processing speed coupled with the display made it hard to stop until it was time to charge the device. The phone also comes with 32 GB of internal storage but if you desire to have more space, there is a micro SD slot which allows expandable memory by up to 128GB.


The dual camera at the back makes for beautiful photographs, as it enables you get better focus as you take various shots. There are various tools under the camera settings which come in really handy depending on your choice. Here are some of the photos i took with the camera:

There is a refocus feature on the camera setting that allows you focus on an object and blur the other objects in the photo. 


As for sound quality, i am quite impressed with the sound quality on the phantom 6. I believe that this is as a result of the position of the speakers at the bottom of the device. Listening to music, watching videos, playing games on loud speaker is great. There is also a feature on the device called Boom Maxx which enables you set the kind of sound you desire and an equalizer to tweak things to your own taste. 

And when you choose to use your head phone. You have another feature which changes the sound production depending on the kind of headphones you select.



Being a heavy user i wondered how the battery at 2700mAH would fare. Would it run down quickly and will i have to keep charging every time? A few people may not be comfortable with the battery capacity but Tecno makes up for this with the USB type C port with Light speed charging. In about 30 minutes, i got the phone charged from 0-50%. So if you are concerned about the battery capacity, trust me, in minutes you can get the phone charged reasonably and get going. The phone, under not so heavy use didn’t make it through the day with me but with the Ultra Power Saving mode, you can save your battery life until you find a place to charge your device. 

 There a few short cuts on the device that may interest you. To take a screen shot, swipe from top to bottom of the page with three fingers. When the screen is locked, use your finger to write a “w” on the screen and it takes you straight to whatsapp

In summary, the Phantom 6 is representation of its name, Beauty. I like the fact that Tecno added the tempered glass and adaptor. Saves you from extra expenses. The device is well crafted and designed. If you want a beautifully crafted flagship device that will give you smooth performance then you should get this beauty.