Good morning and welcome to yet another edition of the Twitter Weekly Roundup where we bring to you a summary of all that happen every week on Twitter Nigeria. If for some reason you were unable to catch up with the talking points and issues that went down on twitter, we are here for you, bringing you the gists and possible stories behind every gist.

We also have tweets and twitpics of the week, thread of the week as well as videos of the week. All serving as a perfect blend to kick start your week on an exciting note. On this episode, we look at:


On twitter last week, the mannequin challenge went viral as everyone from celebs, to sports stars to even regular folks took on the mannequin challenge. We believe the human race got jealous of mannequins and decide to share some of ‘their’ glory by posing for at least a minute as mannequins. To many Nigerians, this is an improved variation of the “Change your style, be like that” game we used to play as kids. LOL

Here are some of the best videos we could find. Enjoy:



Election night was upon us and in Nigeria many awaited the results of the US presidential election. We all wanted to know if Hilary Clinton will end up becoming the first female president of the United States.This was not to be as she lost to Donald Trump, which was a rude shock to those who supported her at the polls. Of course twitter reacted and here are some of the reactions that followed:


Remember Wole Soyinka’s promise should Trump win?


Here is our thread of the week:



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We have come to the end of this week’s episode of the twitter weekly round-up. Till I come your way next week, have an amazing and fulfilling week ahead.


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