Good morning my people and welcome to another beautiful edition of the Twitter Roundup. As the name suggests, this is where you get a summary of major talking points from Twitter Nigeria. So last week on Twitter Roundup:

  • I Stand With Nigeria

  • Stop the Soot

  • Andrew Yakubu’s Loot

We also have tweets/twitpics of the week, thread of the week and videos of the week. Enjoy.

I Stand With Nigeria

Remember how Tuface called for a protest against the government following the state of things in the country? He pulled out and shared a video on social media stating his reasons, but did that stop Nigerians from coming out to protest on Monday February 6th? Hell No!!!! Nigerians came out in their numbers in Lagos and Abuja. Below are tweets from the protest from Lagos and Abuja mainly.


Stop the Soot

Port Harcourt was in the news this week as a result of environmental issues. They woke up and found their sky filled with soot. It was a worrying situation and brought to the fore the environmental issues that communities in oil producing areas of the Niger Delta have been faced with for years.See some of the reactions from Twitter Nigeria:

Yakubu Andrew

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission made a huge discovery this week. They found a whooping $9.8million and £74,000 in the house of former GMD of NNPC Yakubu Andrew. Yes, there were pictures this time and it left Twitter Nigeria in a state of Wawu.

The reactions poured in:

Thread of the Week

And the award for thread of the week goes to this thread:

Tweet(s)/Twitpic(s) of the Week

Our tweets and twitpics of the week:


Video(s) of the Week

Here are our videos of the week:

We have come to the end of this week’s episode of the twitter weekly round-up. Till I come your way next week with another fresh episode, I wish you a productive and  fulfilling week ahead.


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